Kevin Bergin, Sign ConsultantKevin Bergin
Sign Buyers Guide, Owner

Just a year after graduating high school in 1996, I joined the sign industry at the urging of a local sign shop owner. What I found was an industry that allowed me to work with my head and my hands, a business that was different every single day and quickly became my passion. I use that passion to devour everything I can about sign design and sign making, from the most cutting edge technology to long forgotten but exquisite sign making techniques.

20 years later, I’m still passionate and involved in that same industry. I’ve worked in every facet of the industry from sales to installation, sign design to owning my own wrap company. I made a point of always working for the sign companies that provided my with the opportunity to fill in my “gaps”; working for the best high volume vinyl sign company, meticulous and artful custom sign fabricators and hands down the best sign carver in the Northeast has given me a wide, deep and useful knowledge base that I draw from every day

As the years progressed, I realized that I was constantly being asked for advice and input on sign ideas from co-workers, colleagues and companies. This led to the creation of this website and my sign consulting business, and both allow me to share my knowledge with a greater audience than I could working for a local sign shop.

I’m gracious  to be afforded the opportunity to learn from the very best in the industry.  I’m an avid photographer and rock climber, I  enjoy spending time with my wife and children, and I look forward to helping you with your next sign project!

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