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Indoor signs for your office: Branding your business

Chances are that you don’t realize how many indoor signs your business has. Chances are even better that you don’t realize how many branding and signage opportunities you’re missing in your office as well! The choices available for office signage are even greater than those for outdoor signs. This introductory guide will help you get accustomed to all of the indoor signage options that are available to you.

Dimensional Letters

indoor signs dimensional letters metal logo 3 dimensional letters
Dimensional Letters By Malaya Signs

Cost: Ranges from a few hundred dollars up to $1000+
Time: roughly 2 weeks

A clean, modern way to brand your office is with dimensional letters. This form of 3d signage can be made of metal or a plastic known as acrylic, allowing virtually any logo can be cut and applied to your office wall. Metal letters are fantastic options on when you are looking for an upscale look, and acrylic dimensional letters can be painted any color to match your branding. Both metal and acrylic letters can be installed on the wall with a foam tape, or small holes can be drilled into the wall and metal studs attached to the back of the sign letters hold them tightly to the wall.

Dimensional letters are often used as embellishments on other types of indoor signs, It’s not uncommon to see flat signs with 3d lettering or CNC logos added for an even more impressive lobby sign.

Vinyl Wall Wraps

indoor signs wall wrap mural custom wallpaper
Wall Wrap by SignPlex

Cost: Roughly $20 /square foot installed
Time: around two weeks for most wall wraps

Never before has it been so easy to bring so much impact to your lobby, entranceway or elevator landing. Digitally printed vinyl can be applied to any size wall, creating a custom wallpaper that will wow your clients, inspire your team and set the tone for your office. When you’re ready to make a big impact, wall wraps are the indoor sign of choice.

Printed Wall graphics can be installed on nearly any surface. You can apply a wall wrap to drywall, brick, block, stucco or concrete. Rough surface wall wraps require a little more surface preparation so you can expect them to be a little more expensive.


Ada Signs

indoor signs ada signage braille sign
ADA signage by Law’s Architectural Signs

Chances are your business location needs to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  ADA signage plays a big role in obtaining that compliance. ADA indoor signs are made with braille so that those who are less sighted can still navigate.

ADA signs must mark all permanent spaces; meaning you’ll need restroom signs, kitchen signage, signs for closets and offices that meet ADA compliance.

Traditionally, ADA signs have been pretty boring. With advancements in cnc routing, finishing and fabrication techniques, that’s no longer the case.

Retractable Banners

indoor signs retractable banner stand pull up banner
Retractable Banner Stand by Dean’s Graphics

Portable, easily changed and fairly inexpensive, retractable banner stands are a great option if you’re looking for indoor signs to inform your team and clients of events or new projects. One of the benefits of using retractable banners is that once you buy the hardware, you only need to replace the print to change the message, making pull up banners inexpensive and able to be turned around very quickly.

Retractable banner stands are one of the few indoor signs that can also pull “double duty”; you can use them as part of your trade show booth display, and use them in your lobby or reception area when not attending a trade show.

Digital Signs

indoor signs digital signage display monitor
Digital Signage by Christie Media

Easily the hottest topic in signage today, digital signage is quickly becoming one of the most common indoor signs we get asked about at Sign Buyers Guide.

Digital signage involved using one or more monitors to display static or dynamic images.  A small computer is attached to the monitors that is either loaded with the images or calls to a website that is specifically designed for the digital signs.

The flexibility of digital signage is one of its key selling points. Although more expensive up front than most indoor signs, digital signs can quickly lead to a return on investment. Having the ability to  display different messages at different times of the day can be hugely profitable for restaurants that used to have to display their whole day’s menu with traditional signs, but now can display just their breakfast menu, for example.

Some of the initial uses we’re seeing for digital signs are restaurant menus, elevator signage, Lobby monitor banks and signage kiosks in public spaces, but the possible uses are just endless. Retail locations can consider windows and point of purchase as prime spaces to deploy digital signage, office locations with shared conference room space have seen benefits from using the iPad mini as small digital signs, with a scheduling website on the back end allowing users to book the conference room online.

Many advertising agencies are transitioning to digital signage in public spaces, allowing them to distribute content from a central location. With the addition of a touch screen monitor or overlay, these indoor signs can change a static poster into an interactive experience.

Privacy film

privacy film etched vinyl sandblasted vinyl
Stencil cut privacy film by getcustomized.com

Today’s building trends lean towards an open design, with glass partitions allowing for an airy, inclusive feel. Some spaces typically need some privacy, obscuring screens, whiteboards or face to face meetings. Vinyl privacy films can be the perfect solution.

Designed to allow light through but hiding what lies behind, privacy film allows your office space to retain that open feel while keeping your space secure. Many different styles of film exist, from films that look like etched glass to design patterns that enhance the architecture of your building.

Flat signs

countour cur routed brushed aluminum dibond sign composite stainless steel sign
Countour cut dibond sign by Simpsons Printing

Flat signs can be used in a variety of ways around your office, making them one of the most versatile indoor signs. From lobby signs to temporary signage, flat signs can be used in almost any space to inform, direct or sell. Think about where would your take out restaurant be without menu boards? Flat signage to the rescue!

Flat signs can be made of acrylic, pvc, styrene or a material known as dibond that is two thin sheets of aluminum sandwiched around a pvc core.

One of the most popular and elegant indoor signs is a thick (1/4” or more) piece of non-glare acrylic with dimensional letters applied to the face and mounted with a stainless steel standoff fasteners. If you’re looking for an elevator lobby sign or to dress up your reception area, this is a great option.

Vinyl lettering

vinyl wall lettering word wall wall text graphics
Vinyl wall lettering by Signarama

If your office has lots of glass partitions or a long wall, you can use vinyl lettering or printed graphics to transform them from bare panes to marketing machines. Bringing this traditionally outdoor sign indoors opens up branding opportunities that your competitors might have missed. There is a trend towards using vinyl lettering to create word walls, a mission statement or ideas 

Canvas prints

custom canvas print gallery wrap custom artwork frame
Custom printed canvas gallery wrap by CanvasPop

Thanks to advancements in digital printing, creating custom artwork has become less expensive than ever. Canvas prints can be printed on a latex printer and stretched over stretcher bars just like traditional artwork. Different sized stretcher bars are used depending on the final use of your artwork, whether you would like it to be framed or displayed in an ultramodern gallery wrap.

We can guide you to the right indoor signs for your business

There are literally thousands of innovative  products that we haven’t been able to reach in this introductory guide. At Sign Buyers Guide we pride ourselves on staying on top of all of the newest products. If you need help deciding what indoor signs, outdoor signs or vehicle graphics are best for your business, please see our sign consulting page.


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