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Trade Show Displays Will Popup Your Booth Sales

An empty trade show booth will never attract any new customers. These ideas for trade show displays will help you stand out on the crowded trade show floor. Making the best use of the available space is the name of the game in trade show displays, and you’re sure to make a good impression by adding any these to your exhibit booth

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Pop Up Trade Show Displays
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Overhead Hanging Signs
Trade Show Table Covers
Modular Trade Show Booths
Truss Trade Show Booths

There was a time when you had two options for a trade show booth: a simple, solid color background or an incredibly expensive custom exhibit booth. That changed when the popup trade show booth was introduced. An aluminum frame small enough to pack into a small case expands to create a 10 foot wide trade show booth backdrop. Graphics attach to this frame making the whole back wall of your exhibit booth a marketing tool.  This type of trade show display is great because as your marketing needs update, you just replace the graphics. You can reuse frame of your backdrop and replace the pop up booth graphics at a much lower cost than buying a new unit.

Pop Up trade show display

One of the coolest pop up display systems we’ve seen is the Backlit Graffiti Wall by DisplayIt. You’ll love this lightweight aluminum backdrop and its easy to install silicon edged graphics. These fabric graphic panels slide right in to channels on the frame and stretch tight making for a very clean display. LED lights install on the frame quickly and really make your graphics pop. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, the Graffiti Wall might be just right for you.

Tension Fabric Displays

Similar to pop up backdrops but without the depth, these frames with stretchable fabric graphics won’t take up much space in your trade show booth. You assemble the lightweight aluminum frame and stretch the graphics over the frame. Tension fabric displays come in many shapes and sizes to fit all of your needs, and make a great start to a modular trade show display

tension fabric trade show displays

Retractable Banner Stands

Silverstep Retractable Banner StandOne of the most affordable trade show displays, retractable banner stands make a great addition to your exhibit booth. Lightweight, portable and easy to set up and change, you can place retractable banner stands near the trade show aisle and lure people into your booth.

A printed graphic is attached to a base and when not in use the pop up banner graphic draws back into the base like a window shade. When you’re ready to use the banner again, simply pull it up attach the pole and that’s it! You can easily replace retractable banner stand graphics when it’s time to update the marketing on your trade show displays. Combine one with a pop up booth and you’ve got a versatile, easy to set up trade show display.

10 foot retractable banner stand wall trade show displaysYou can place multiple banner stands next to each other and make a low cost backdrop for your trade show booth.

It’s ok to cheap out on a retractable banner if it’s just for a one time use. If you’re going to use your retractable banner a couple times a year, change the graphic often or keep it set up for long periods of time, we strongly recommend spending a little extra on the unit. One of out favorites is the Silverstep Retractable Banner Stand. Rugged, easily packed and tough as nails, this is a retractable banner stand that you’ll have for years



Overhead Hanging Signs

Want people to see your trade show booth from across the exhibition hall? When you add an overhead hanging sign, things are sure to be looking up! If you’ve got a bigger booth (20′ x 20’+) you are typically allowed to hang a banner sign over your booth, up to 16 feet in the air. As people move around the exhibit hall, they will be able to see the branding on your trade show graphics everywhere they go.

Overhead hanging sign circular trade show displays

Table Covers

You’re heading to your first show, but aren’t ready to make a big investment in trade show graphics. You want to make an impact on your potential new clients, and a table throw is a great start! You can stretch these fitted fabric throws over a table that fits a typical 10 foot trade show booth. Your graphics are printed on the table throw, helping you to tie your marketing graphics together. You’ll find that a printed table throw is a great start to your budget trade show displays

Table Throw Trade Show Displays

Modular Trade Show Booths

Your trade show displays can grow as your business does with modular trade show booths. Using a tension fabric display, truss system or pop up trade show display as a base, you can add pieces as your booth grows. Common additions are a podium, digital signage, literature racks and tables. There are many suppliers of base systems that make great starts to modular trade show displays.  Modular trade show displays are among the most expensive options in exhibit booths.

Truss Trade Show Booths

You can be the Rock Star at your next trade show with truss trade show booths! These exhibition booths are built from sections of welded truss that support your trade show graphics. Truss trade show booth kits can create a room-like space where people actually enter and become immersed in your booth. Before you make the jump to a fully custom made trade show booths, truss trade show kits are the most expensive and most complex trade show displays to set up.

Truss trade show displays exhibit booth

Do you need more advice on trade show displays, expert trade show booth design or trade show booth ideas? Please visit the Sign Consulting page and I will be happy to help you find the right exhibit booth to fit your needs.

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