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5 vinyl banners that make marketing a breeze

When you’re looking for an inexpensive solution that will add some big impact to your branding, vinyl banners are your best bet for outdoor signs. Here are 5 ways you may not have thought of using custom vinyl banners to make your business shine.

Building Wraps

vinyl banner building wrap mesh banner

Advertising doesn’t get any bigger than building wraps- the biggest vinyl banners there are. One way mesh vinyl banner is stretched over the entire face (or multiple faces) of the building creating huge graphics that can be seen from miles away. Created by Sakshi Advertising and PR of Dubai, the building wrap shown above is one of the largest in the world- roughly 140,000 square feet!

Stanchion Banners

vinyl banner stanchion banner

Whether surrounding an eating area or keeping an orderly line, stanchions are everywhere. Make those stanchions work for your brand by putting banners between them instead of using the usual tension ribbon. One of the great benefits of stanchion banners is that you won’t need to buy new poles, the vinyl banners are compatible with nearly all stanchion systems.

Street pole banners

vinyl banners light pole street banners

Any business can benefit from using street pole banners on their campus. Street pole banners attach to your existing light poles and are easily changed out for new events or promotions. Two flexible rods hold the banner in place while allowing the wind to spill away, enhancing the longevity of your vinyl banners. Using multiple street pole banners helps with message retention through repetition.

Over the street vinyl banners

vinyl banners over the street banners finish line banners

Often used by towns and cities to promote events, these over the street banners can make a great addition to your campus. Across the street banners can be hung from light or telephone poles, or attached to an aluminum truss for special events like 5k runs or corporate outings. Over the street banners are made of mesh vinyl banner or have wind slits cut in them so that they don’t become giant sails.  The banners are usually installed with aircraft wire, turnbuckles and rope so that they stay tightly stretched.

Pole Pocket Banners


Adding big impact branding to your atrium or lobby is as simple as hanging a pole pocket banner. These fabric or vinyl banners have pole pockets on the top and bottom that allow them to be hung by wire from a pole or dowel. A dowel is placed in the bottom pole pocket so that its weight keeps the banner from curling.

If you need advice on your company’s signage, whether your need is for vinyl banners, outdoor signs, indoor signs or vehicle graphics, be sure to inquire about our sign consulting options.

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